Technical Highlights: Multiple secure, remote connections. Hipaa Compliance, Linix integration.

Compete Collection Service is a medical collection agency that has over 16 WAN connections to hospitals in the United States. These connections run the gamut from site to site VPN's, software VPN's, point to point leased lines and Citrix remote desktop connections.

 PJTech handles all connections and interfaces with the hospitals for all new connections or changes. All of these connections are handled by a Cisco router, Dell switches and Dell servers. This client currently has 5 servers and 130 client PC's.

 This client is also required to comply with all Hipaa regulations pertaining to data protection and security. PJTech handles the compliance and auditing of these requirements. 

PJTech sold this client their first computer in 1995 and migrated them from a UNIX/dumb terminal infrastructure to all client/server. CCS has been with PJTech for 14 years.