Technology Highlights: VPN Connections and Distributed Computing.

General Labor Staffing Service is a day labor company with 11 branches throuout Florida and South Carolina.

The main corporate office is in Margate. Prior to finding PJTech, this company had been thru three IT companies trying to connect the five branch offices they had at the time. None of the companies could get the job done. This was limiting the company's ability to open new branches.

In addition one of the companies had left a half configured Small Business Server. Within three weeks of retaining PJTech, all five branches were connected to the corporate office with site to site VPN's thru a combination of T1's, DSL and Comcast connections using Cisco hardware. The half completed Small Business Server was also finished.

This allowed the company to open 6 more branches in the next year. Users at the corporate office now have the ability to access all data at the branch offices for auditing and reporting. PJTech manages over 45 workstations and servers at 12 different locations.

 This client has been with PJTech for 4 years.