Technical highlights: Virtual servers and Hipaa Compliance.


     Mahoney and Associates is a financial services company with branches in Florida and Massachusetts.

       The sites are connected with a site to site VPN thru T1 and Comcast internet connections with full failover thru Watchguard   products. This basically means the Internet will never do down!!

     The Massachusetts site has two servers, a file server/domain controller and an Exchange 2007/virtual host server. The Florida site has five server's two of which are virtual servers. These two virtual servers are the Exchange 2007 server and the Blackberry Enterprise Server. The two servers are configured to be moved to the Massachusett's site in the event of an outage in Florida. This will ensure that the e-mails stay up no matter what disaster strikes Florida!!

    There are over 65 clients on the network with the majority being in Florida. This client is also required to comply with all Hipaa and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations pertaining to data protection and security. PJTech handles the compliance and auditing of these requirements on the IT side.

       Mahoney has been with PJTech for 4 years and PJTech installed the entire infrastructure.